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So. You've got the complete video creator on your side. But what stories are you going to tell? Dip into our community blog for ideas, inspiration and plenty of handy how-tos.

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Storykit picks talent from Tink

SaaS company Storykit continues its rapid expansion and growth. Since the beginning of the year alone, nearly 40 new hires have been made. Among them is Gustav Baltscheffsky, who is joining to further expand Storykit's operations.
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Find your assets faster than ever

You all know you don't need to use images or video clips to create videos in Storykit. Write a good script, and you're pretty much good to go. But when you DO want to use images or video clips, we all want to find them as fast as possible! That is...
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Storykit raises $10M to fuel global growth

Storykit, the leading video creator in the Nordics, announced today it has raised $10 million USD in funding, in a financing round led by Expedition Growth Capital. Storykit has almost doubled in 2021, leveraging artificial intelligence to enable...
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