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Kick-start your video marketing 2022!

If you're not creating video in 2022, you're likely falling behind. But do not fear – video is not a complicated or expensive format anymore. Here are 5 steps to kick-start your video content marketing! 

In 2021, 87% of marketers said that video gave them a positive ROI (Wyzowl, 2021). We are certainly not impartial, but there is plenty of proof showing that video is the number one content in social media marketing. There are plenty of reasons for this: video sparks emotion in a way text doesn’t, video is consumed on the platform (which the audience and algorithms love), and video is easy to share. Therefore, it’s time to start making loads of videos! 

So how to get started with video content marketing? Here are 5 steps to becoming a video superstar in 2022! 

1. Find and tell your stories

At Storykit, ​​we often meet organizations that struggle with what stories to tell. But we know that all companies have lots of interesting stories to tell – you just need to know where to look. Here are 6 good places to find your brand stories! 

2. Make loads of videos

No brand has ever grown on social media by posting every once in a while. You must update all the time, and you must be relevant – and frequent. Why? Well, because the platforms decide which content is prioritized and visible.

3. Set the right goals for each video (spoiler alert: it’s not likes)

Likes and comments look great on paper, but it’s important to remember that these measurements don’t help you to reach your goals or to make informed decisions for future strategies. But what should you look at if you shouldn’t look at likes and comments? Let’s find out!  

4. Distribute 4ever 

One mistake many people make is that they view each video as a single occurrence. Remember: your video can be used in lots of different ways. Reusing and optimizing your video for different channels, audiences and markets is incredibly easy if you make them in Storykit. Change your background assets, the words or tonality, and voilà! Now you have even more versions. 

5. Just do it! 

At Storykit we always say: the worst piece of content is the content never made. Social channels are so fast moving and your audience is elusive, so the most important thing for success will always be to keep up when things change. The motto really is “learning by doing”. So start experimenting, learn from your mistakes and have fun! 

And remember, Storykit is with you all the way. Happy video year! 


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