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With Storykit, Cappelen Damm can create videos on their own

From amateur to pro. That's the journey Ingrid Pran from Cappelen Damm has made with Storykit.
– I hadn't made any videos previously, but Storykit makes it possible for everyone to create professional videos. And it's incredible. I can see the difference that video makes, says Ingrid.

By coincidence, Ingrid Pran, marketeer at Cappelen Damm, Norway's largest publishing company, ended up as one of Storykit's first users. Storykit launched during the spring of 2018, and Ingrid heard about the tool the same year.

 – I went to a lecture where you were discussing video and informing the audience about Storykit. I thought that it sounded like a good solution and decided to try the tool in our organisation. 

Enables everyone

As a result, Cappelen Damm became one of Storykit's first Norwegian customers, and Ingrid instantly took it to the tool.

– Many people think that you need an expensive camera and complex software programs to create video. They believe that it's necessary to film outside and spend weeks on each video. Storykit makes it possible for amateurs like me to get started and make videos instantly. 

Hadn't you made any videos previously?

– Haha – no, no, no! And I feel like this: if there is a tool that allows people in my age (and I'm 50+) to get started with video production quickly, then there's hope for all of us! It's essential in my profession to be able to create videos; I think you might lag behind otherwise. 

 Ingrid also thinks that it's a bit odd that many people are still under the impression that it's costly and time-consuming to make videos.

– In that case, it's challenging to motivate people to create video content. I can't spend two weeks on a video that flows through the Facebook feed in a few seconds. Storykit makes it possible for me to create more videos and also more frequently. 

Benefits the entire organisation

It is obvious to Ingrid that the tool's simplicity benefits the entire organisation, not just the user. 

 – When a larger number of people can make videos, the organisation is less vulnerable. What are you supposed to do if you only have one video expert on the team and that person decides to quit? 

Storykit's community, including the Facebook group Video for Social Media, has been of great help for Ingrid. 

 – I find inspirations and ideas, and I can use some of the things on there for my own videos. 

When Ingrid explains to her industry colleagues how helpful Storykit has been, she talks about how important it is to be able to create video content single-handedly. 

 – Sometimes, I am surprised by how much some people are willing to pay an external agency for video content. I always say that we can take care of it ourselves. It's beneficial in every way to be able to create the video content in-house, and with Storykit, we really can.

Check out two of the videos Ingrid has made for Cappelen Damm:

HubSpot Video


HubSpot Video


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