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Kill your darlings: how to write an effective video script

Video on social media is an effective way to get your message to the right audience. But it’s also a format that demands quick and efficient storytelling. We had a chat with Magnus Dahl, the creative director at KIT, about how to approach writing a
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New name and new investors - the Storykit journey is taking off

Only a year has passed since KIT Story Engine, and the media company KIT split into two separate companies. Since then the content platform Story Engine, which primarily helps marketers and communicators to produce videos and other content to social
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The one thing that decides your video success on social media

Are you a good writer? Can you tell great stories? Congratulations! On social media platforms your competence will decide whether your video will take off or not.
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They increased their video production with 400% using Storykit

What should you do when you want to increase your video production radically, but simply can’t find the time? The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC) started using Storykit and increased their video production with 400%. At the SSNC, they
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They increased their customers' CTR by 700% using Storykit

1000 videos in a year. That’s what happened when Rocket, a Swedish content agency, started using Storykit.  Want a demo of Storykit? Just let us know!
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Engage your audience with Insta Stories

Engage your audience with Insta Stories

We've all heard that Instagram "Stories" are all the rage. But where to begin? Here are all the arguments and tips you need to publish your first 15-second story.
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How to create a kickass Facebook video strategy

Algorithms, organic reach, paid reach, retention... Creating successful video content on Facebook can be quite confusing. Where should you start? Let us suggest that you start right here. Do you want to know more about Storykit? Please let us know!
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City of Stockholm: reaching out to the citizens with video

When the City of Stockholm want to reach their users, they are using social media and video. With Storykit, they consistently improve their impact. Want to know more about Storykit Video Studio? Contact us.
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Since last summer, the biggest business site in Poland, has grown 2900% on Youtube. What happened? They started creating short videos with Storykit. Do you need a video tool that will make your workday a lot easier? Ask for a demo.
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Do you create enough video? Probably not

Everyone is talking about video, and most marketers want to create more of it. But do we really create enough video? Probably not. Everyday life has changed a lot for everyone working with communication and marketing. Back in the days, we might have
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