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Maria Göransdotter

From three videos a year to three videos a week – this is how they did it

It sounds crazy, but it’s true: Storykit has revolutionised how Science Park in Jönköping work with video. “Last year we published three videos throughout the year. Now, working with Storykit, we create three videos each week.” Many dream of
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woman working with social media

How to increase your productivity in social channels

The pressure on marketers and communicators to produce a lot of content is higher than ever. But there are ways to stay productive, even in the chaotic world of social distribution. Let's have a look!   Forget the time when you could focus on one
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Sarah Öhman

How to build an effective target audience

It is easy to focus on platitudes and basic information when talking about target groups for advertising on social media. Don't aim too wide, make sure to A/B- test and find your target audience in the right channels. So what should you really do to
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Throwing money at the problem

How important is your budget to get good results on social media?

"Throwing money at the problem" is a great method for everything from finding a good birthday present to get a better holiday. But does it work when you need to distribute content on social media? We have asked two experts to find out how it works.
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Do's and don'ts when you want to drive public opinion online

Today’s political climate is characterized by exaggerations, polarization and a generally high tone. Even those who want to be serious about their communication can easily be seduced by quick results and a big splash. But is it the smartest way to
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Revolutionize your productivity with modular video

Revolutionize productivity with modular video creation

Have you ever heard of modular video? If not, pay attention! When creating video in Storykit it's a bit like playing with Lego, you'll be able to produce video even more efficiently. Ok, let's start with a confession: we might have invented the term
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People using social media marketing

5 common mistakes in social media marketing

What errors do we make when we advertise on social media? The chatter is difficult to penetrate and it is easy to take a wrong turn. We have asked an expert so you don't need to get lost. Alexander Wroblewski is an expert in digital marketing. He
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Give your video assets a whole new look

You might not always have the best images and videos at hand when you start your video project. Now we're adding even more styling options to give your assets new life! Styling your video assets has always been fun in Storykit. With loads of easily
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Stockholm City

City of Stockholm uses Storykit for digital billboards

Thousands of marketers and communicators use Storykit to create video and other content for social platforms. Now, Storykit users can also use the tool to create video for digital billboards. – This enables us to work much faster, says August
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Concerned woman looking at her computer

How controversial can you get on social media?

Controversial messages and posts are easily spun on social media. As a company, it is easy to fall for the temptation to stick your chin out in the pursuit of engagement. But is this really the right way to go? If you want to keep the average social
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