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People using social media marketing

5 common mistakes in social media marketing

What errors do we make when we advertise on social media? The chatter is difficult to penetrate and it is easy to take a wrong turn. We have asked an expert so you don't need to get lost. Alexander Wroblewski is an expert in digital marketing. He
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Give your video assets a whole new look

You might not always have the best images and videos at hand when you start your video project. Now we're adding even more styling options to give your assets new life! Styling your video assets has always been fun in Storykit. With loads of easily
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Stockholm City

City of Stockholm uses Storykit for digital billboards

Thousands of marketers and communicators use Storykit to create video and other content for social platforms. Now, Storykit users can also use the tool to create video for digital billboards. – This enables us to work much faster, says August
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How controversial can you get on social media?

Controversial messages and posts are easily spun on social media. As a company, it is easy to fall for the temptation to stick your chin out in the pursuit of engagement. But is this really the right way to go? If you want to keep the average social
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Taking a picture

30+ places to find free photos and videos for your content

When you want to find great images and videos for your content, it tends to be either expensive and easy, or difficult and cheap. In this article we have put together ten tips, and then another three tips, plus 20 bonus tips, that you can use to
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Should you use a headline in your video?

Making a video with a headline, is self-evident to some, while others want to throw the viewer right into an event, to catch their attention. Has the headline played its part?
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The Storykit team is growing

Storykit is growing fast, so we're happy to announce that we have hired four new amazing colleagues to our team. – We're one of Sweden's fastest-growing SaaS companies and intend to continue to build the world's best product and maintain a high
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How to Write Good Social Media Posts

Boost your story with the right message

Writing the perfect caption on your social media post can feel like a task up there with climbing Mount Everest. It’s difficult, it takes time and it’s actually of more importance than you think. Therefore, we'll guide you to great social media copy
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Say hi to two new intro slides and a list slide

We love releasing new slides almost as much as we love watching our users create amazing stuff with them. So we're starting off the season with three new slides to play with.
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Can you change someone’s opinion online?

Using social media to change people's ideas and perceptions is becoming a norm in marketing today. But as consumers get overwhelmed by content – how do you break through and make yourself heard?
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