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Localizing content

Why localizing your content will boost your impact

With social media, you can reach the world with your content. But should you? Storykit explores the benefits and challenges of localizing your content on social media.
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How Storykit enables SKF to create video on 130 markets

Is it possible to manage social media communications in 130 markets in several different languages? With video content? Yes! SKF is doing exactly that, thanks to Storykit.  Want to learn everything about localization? Download our e-book here! (In
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Complex product described

Can you tell complex stories with video? This IT security company has cracked the code

What steps do you need to take in order to reach the entire world with a complex product? According to IT security company foreseeti, the answer is simple: make videos in Storykit.
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Increase your video retention in social media

What is good video retention and how do I improve it? That has become a never ending quest for everyone working with video on social media today. Want to read more? Download our e-book on Facebook retention here!
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How to write an amazing script for your social video

Writing the optimal manuscript for your social video might sound impossible. How do you capture – and keep – your viewers with your story? Magnus Dahl, Creative Director at KIT, knows all the secrets.
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Instagram on phone

Marketing on Instagram – everything you need to know

One second. That's how much time you need to catch someone's attention before your reader has scrolled by. Here is everything you need to know to communicate with your customers on Instagram – successfully. Instagram users are fast scrollers.
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Master the art of social video

Master the art of social video with Storykit

Thousands of users have discovered how easy it is to make videos in Storykit. And with a few tricks up your sleeve, you can make your videos even better. We asked Fredrik Strömberg, VP Product at Storykit, to share his best advice for sharpening up
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How to write better video scripts with the help of content data

How to write better video scripts with the help of content data

What if there was a tool available that could help you understand why people stop watching your videos?  Well, there is: it's called 'Slide Intentions' in Storykit.  If you have worked with video content on social channels for a while now, you have
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How to make a solid content strategy – step by step

The days when anybody could be successful by posting whatever, whenever, are long gone. Today you need to know what, how and why something is to be done – and by whom.
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We’re growing fast! Say hi to our new colleagues

More and more organizations are choosing Storykit to create video for their social channels. To meet the high demand, Storykit is now doubling its sales department. "I'm thrilled and proud to welcome four new colleagues to Storykit", says Peder
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