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Master the art of social video

Master the art of social video with Storykit

Thousands of users have discovered how easy it is to make videos in Storykit. And with a few tricks up your sleeve, you can make your videos even better. We asked Fredrik Strömberg, VP Product at Storykit, to share his best advice for sharpening up
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How to write better video scripts with the help of content data

How to write better video scripts with the help of content data

What if there was a tool available that could help you understand why people stop watching your videos?  Well, there is: it's called 'Slide Intentions' in Storykit.  If you have worked with video content on social channels for a while now, you have
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woman working with digital content

How to make a solid content strategy – step by step

The days when anybody could be successful by posting whatever, whenever, are long gone. Today you need to know what, how and why something is to be done – and by whom.
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We’re growing fast! Say hi to our new colleagues

More and more organizations are choosing Storykit to create video for their social channels. To meet the high demand, Storykit is now doubling its sales department. "I'm thrilled and proud to welcome four new colleagues to Storykit", says Peder
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Maria Göransdotter

From three videos a year to three videos a week – this is how they did it

It sounds crazy, but it’s true: Storykit has revolutionised how Science Park in Jönköping work with video. “Last year we published three videos throughout the year. Now, working with Storykit, we create three videos each week.” Many dream of
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How to increase your productivity in social channels

The pressure on marketers and communicators to produce a lot of content is higher than ever. But there are ways to stay productive, even in the chaotic world of social distribution. Let's have a look!   Forget the time when you could focus on one
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Sarah Öhman

How to build an effective target audience

It is easy to focus on platitudes and basic information when talking about target groups for advertising on social media. Don't aim too wide, make sure to A/B- test and find your target audience in the right channels. So what should you really do to
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Throwing money at the problem

How important is your budget to get good results on social media?

"Throwing money at the problem" is a great method for everything from finding a good birthday present to get a better holiday. But does it work when you need to distribute content on social media? We have asked two experts to find out how it works.
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Do's and don'ts when you want to drive public opinion online

Today’s political climate is characterized by exaggerations, polarization and a generally high tone. Even those who want to be serious about their communication can easily be seduced by quick results and a big splash. But is it the smartest way to
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Revolutionize your productivity with modular video

Revolutionize productivity with modular video creation

Have you ever heard of modular video? If not, pay attention! When creating video in Storykit it's a bit like playing with Lego, you'll be able to produce video even more efficiently. Ok, let's start with a confession: we might have invented the term
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