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Josefine Billström, Creative Strategist at Facebook

This is how you create social ads that works

The use of social media ads is crucial to many companies. However, to succeed in this endeavour and achieve the desired results, it's important to create the right ads. – If your ads aren't relevant, it doesn't matter how skilled you are at setting
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Ads storykit

Three keys to converting ads in social channels

73% of all marketers will focus on conversions in social channels during 2021. But creating good looking, converting ads can be quite tricky. Here are three keys that will give you a head start!
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storykit Ai

Get video superpowers with Storykit AI

It just takes a few seconds to go from script to finalized video with Storykit. What's the secret? A supersmart AI. – When you have written your script there's not much more that needs to be done, says Fredrik Strömberg, VP Product at Storykit.
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storykit ai

6 tricks that make Storykit's video AI even better

In Storykit, you can create an elaborate storyboard with the help of AI in a few seconds. But can you help the AI to make an even better video? Yes, you can.
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Almi uses Storykit to increase social media engagement

Almi uses Storykit to increase social media engagement

From basically not having any experience with video at all, to producing one video a day – in addition to the usual workload. That's how Storykit has changed the workday for Eva Dahlberg, digital communicator at Almi. – I think that all companies
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christoffer hiding bil-nilsson alingsås works with storykit

Thanks to Storykit, he can run a full content strategy – on his own

He is the only marketeer in his company, but it doesn't stop him from creating all of the company's marketing content on his own. And thanks to Storykit, Christoffer Hiding at Bil-Nilsson is able to make all the videos that he needs.
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heidi bordal storykit

5 ways to handle negative comments on social media

We all know the comment sections on social can be quite a handful. Our marketing intern Heidi Bordal has been handling the social media channels for one of the largest media companies in Sweden the last few years, which means she knows how to cool
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Petra Lamorell Advenica Storykit

Advenica gets more videos for less with Storykit

When Petra Lamorell at Advenica decided to create more videos in-house, her software of choice was Storykit. It was easy to convince the bosses that it was the best option: – It was a purely financial argument. I get a lot more for less with
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Martin Svensson, Länsförsäkringar Västerbotten, creates a lot of video

How Sweden's largest insurance company increased its video production with 300%

Quick and intuitive, a great workflow, brand safe and with a fantastic support team. This is how Martin Svensson at Länsförsäkringar, Swedens largest insurance company, summarises the advantages of working in Storykit. – I haven't seen anything like
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Skandia Jesper Carlson

How Storykit enables Skandia to create all the video they need

When Skandia decided to radically increase the amount of video they produced, they needed the right tool to succeed. They chose to work with Storykit. – Storykit is a valuable tool for our short, fast, daily storytelling, says Jesper Carlson,
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