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Dominika Dzielak at Dun & Bradstreet

They are saving over 1,2 million EUR per year by using Storykit

Last year, Dominika Dzielak at Dun & Bradstreet made 119 videos in 17 different languages. When she calculated the company’s savings by making the videos in Storykit, she was surprised. – If I would have hired an agency to carry out this work, it
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Woman running

This simple trick will make your video creation faster than lightning

Starting with a blank piece of paper for each video can be super fun but also incredibly time-consuming. With this simple trick, you can give yourself and your colleagues a head start every time.
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Caroline Larsson and Malin Skoog at ESSVE

They made 150 videos at one go – thanks to Storykit

None of them had worked with video before, but this didn’t stop Caroline Larsson and Malin Skoog at ESSVE from making over 150 videos in a couple of weeks. – By creating our video content in Storykit we can work in a cost-efficient, fast, and
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Create video using formats, says Fredrik Strömberg, VP Product at Storykit

Want to know the secret to winning with video on social? LOADS of video

Do you want to set up a video strategy for social media, where your videos actually make a difference? If so, there is no return – you need to produce a lot of video content. A lot of video content. 
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Ingrid Pran, Cappelen Damm

With Storykit, Cappelen Damm can create videos on their own

From amateur to pro. That's the journey Ingrid Pran from Cappelen Damm has made with Storykit. – I hadn't made any videos previously, but Storykit makes it possible for everyone to create professional videos. And it's incredible. I can see the
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Oliver Durston, Gridlines

They create videos 10 times faster with Storykit

Thanks to Storykit, the British company Gridlines has reduced its video production time by 90%.  – I wouldn't be able to create video this fast and in such high quality with any other tool, says Oliver Durston, marketing manager at Gridlines.
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Woman with headphones

6 tips for making your videos accessible to everyone

Do you want your videos to be accessible to as many people as possible? Still, the terms "accessibility adaptation" and "audio description" makes you cringe. Worry not! It doesn't need to be complicated or time-consuming. Let us show you how.
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Woman listening to video with voice-over

Storykit launches automated voice-over

Voice-over is a vital video component for many companies. In some countries, audio description is required by law. For this reason, Storykit is now launching automated voice-over. – Adding voice-over to your videos has historically been both costly
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24 video facts

24 facts about video you need to know in 2021

Most of us know that video is essential for every department in every organization today. But sometimes you need some facts to prove your point. To make things easy for you, we’ve gathered 24 facts about video and video marketing, so make sure to
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friends are happy they've reached their goals

7 keys to reach your social media goals in 2021

The week before Christmas probably felt like the perfect time to set new, sky-high goals for social media success in 2021. But now, in January, you might already be wondering: how on earth am I supposed to reach these goals? Just take it easy, we’ll
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