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How to make 10 videos – with the same resources as one

Video production is no longer reserved for professionals with extensive training and pricey equipment. Today, it’s neither expensive nor difficult to create a video for social media. "You can easily make ten videos with the same resources as one", says Sofia Stenseth, Chief Content Officer at KIT.

Anyone who wants to make a splash on social media will soon notice that it’s not enough to publish a video and sit back and wait. In today’s social media climate the key to video success spells repetition.

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Make sure to have hit videos in stock

– It doesn’t matter if you are a fashion blogger on Instagram, an artist on Twitter, or a B2B-company on Facebook – on the Internet, yesterday’s viral hit is already forgotten, Sofia Stenseth says and continues:

– So make sure to have several hit videos in stock.

Working with quality and quantity may feel like a pipe dream, especially as video traditionally has been both expensive and cumbersome to produce. But today there are tools that make it possible.

– If you use Storykit Video Studio you’ve already come a long way. There you will find scripts, pictures and background music at the touch of a button, says Sofia Stenseth.

Besides the purely technical, how can you make video production more efficient and create more videos?

– First of all, you probably have more content than you think. Take a look at your latest press release, for example. If it’s structured like most press releases, you can most likely make three videos based on it alone. One that tells the news straight, one that is based on quotes from the responsible manager, and one that focuses on what effect the news will have.

She quickly writes down three hypothetical headlines to demonstrate how to create more videos on the subject:

Video 1. Business Inc. opens offices in India

Video 2. CEO: “A fantastic opportunity for our customers”

Video 3. India venture will increase sales by 150% in one year.

Split your story into several short videos

Stenseth emphasizes the importance of not trying to say too much in the same video.

– The average Facebook user don’t want to watch a five-minute interview with a company’s CEO. However, they may be inclined to watch five one-minute videos, especially if they are spread out over time.

Additionally, she thinks it’s a good idea to try to think about video in a different way than you might be used to.

– Certainly, expensive super-produced videos have their place, but on social media a video can also be a quote, a slideshow or something you have shot quickly with your phone.

If you’re just going to give one piece of advice to get better at video, what would it be?

– Simple. Want to increase viewing of your videos in social media? Create more videos!

Sofia’s 5 best video creation tips:

  1. Spread the gold nuggets. “When you have two really good quotes on a topic, make a video about each.”
  2. The more videos you make, the more you learn. “It’s difficult to draw conclusions about a single piece of content and why it performed well or not, but when you have a large number of videos you start to see patterns.”
  3. Customize. “With Video Studio it’s so easy to make video there’s no reason to limit yourself. Make a copy of your storyboard and customize the headline and tone depending on who you want to reach.”
  4. Dig where you stand. “If your company spent a lot of time and resources on, say, an event, make sure to use every opportunity to produce content. Make videos that build up the event before hand, and talk about the highlights afterwards. It will keep you top of mind longer.”
  5. Dare to fail. “If you’ve made 10 videos it really doesn’t matter if one of them fails. On the contrary, you might learn a lot from it.”

Give us a few minutes and we’ll show you just how easy life can be when you Storykit it.