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How to build your own video stock library

Back in the days, footage was the cornerstone of every video. Today, the best performing videos are text-driven, which means the footage becomes secondary. So, save an incredible amount of time by building your own stock library!

This article is an extract from our e-book "Tell every story with video!". Download and read the whole e-book, here. 

Every video creator sometimes spend far too much time looking for the right images and clips for their videos. At worst, you also spend way too much money on buying assets from photo agencies. A superb trick to saving both time and money while still standing out, is to build your own stock library. 

Of course, many larger companies have in-house photographers who are already working on creating good image and video content, but if your company doesn’t use in-house photographers, you can still create your own stock library without breaking the bank.

If you don’t have the resources to hire a photographer, ask a colleague interested in photography to bring their camera on a sunny day to take photos! The pictures and clips will probably be much more fun to work with than generic images from an image bank.

No matter what alternative you choose, try to capture:

  • Still images of all/selected individuals, preferably at different angles.
  • Videos of all/selected individuals. It doesn’t have to be advanced. All the volunteers have to do is move a little, laugh or do some other simple activity.
  • Video/still images of different situations, preferably where people interact, talk, laugh, have meetings, walk, or do something else.
  • Feel free to get some footage of individuals where they talk while looking directly into the camera. Few videos attract the viewers as much as videos where people look straight back at them.
  • Do your colleagues like to have fun? Ask them to do something that stands out such as dancing, throwing confetti in the air – you know, the kind of stock photos that make you go "oh, that’s so cliché". These images suddenly become very authentic if they show the people from your own environment.
  • Remember to capture something that illustrates the brand. Do you have logos on the computers, the doors, or on nice bags? Let them be seen!

This article is an extract from our e-book "Tell every story with video!". Download and read the whole e-book, here. 

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