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Don't waste the time you spent making content! Distribute 4ever

Many marketers spend hours making content, but only a few minutes to distribute it – and then they wonder why it doesn’t take off... Careless distribution is a waste of time! Here are some cornerstones of successful distribution. 

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As Ross Simmonds, CEO of the content agency Foundation Inc, likes to say: Create once. Distribute forever. 

It may sound so simple and obvious, but the problem is that the focus is often distorted. If you are careless with the distribution, you end up not giving your content the right possibilities. Chances are that you’re wasting most of the many hours you spent on creating the content.

So give the content you’ve created justice! Let’s look at some of the cornerstones of successful distribution. 

Become a master of one channel at a time

Start on one channel and grow there first. Once you understand how your users on Facebook work, what they want, and how they interact, then it will be much easier for you to go on to LinkedIn and test your knowledge there.

Being on social media is participating in a dialogue

The whole point of social media is... well... to be social. You can’t just walk up to a group of people and start talking about something that’s completely irrelevant. The same goes for social channels. Consider the process as a way of participating in the conversation in three different ways: 

1. Start the discussion

Okay, we've just told you not to interrupt by changing the subject. But if you have listened to your target group carefully enough, you can actually succeed by doing just that. If you have done your research, you know that your topic will interest the audience and that you will catch their attention.

2. Participate in the discussion

Make sure to come up with something of your own when you want to participate in an ongoing conversation. What additional information can we add, a new angle, or a new approach? 

3. End or summarize the discussion

Looking back is an effective way to capture your target audience. What happened? What findings did we make? What’s the solution?

Use the post

The distribution post is (unfortunately) often something someone throws together seconds before leaving for lunch. But the post is actually a great place to complete, discuss, and market your video. You can think of the post both as a complement to your video, and sometimes as the main player. For a content-packed video, the post can function as a teaser. For a shorter, simple video, you can tell a much longer story in your post. 

Distribute again. And again. 

At Storykit, we are certain that more video means greater results. You should therefore make many videos to reach many individuals. You should also not be afraid to publish the same content again. Share content that worked well many times on many channels. And if you’ve made content that did not really catch on, you should definitely try to distribute it again. Write a new post, make a new video, test a new angle. Maybe it wasn’t the content but the conversation that you entered?

Learn more about how to distribute your content successfully! Download our guide on how to set a video strategy here. 

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