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Advenica gets more videos for less with Storykit

When Petra Lamorell at Advenica decided to create more videos in-house, her software of choice was Storykit. It was easy to convince the bosses that it was the best option:
– It was a purely financial argument. I get a lot more for less with Storykit.

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Petra Lamorell, marketing manager at cybersecurity company Advenica, really wanted to work more with video.

– It was clear to me that video works better in social channels compared to when you only use photos and text, and that it's easier to explain something, such as a product.

For this reason, Storykit caught her interest.

– An ad popped up on LinkedIn and as soon as I got more insight into the tool, I knew that it was exactly what I needed.

More bang for your buck

It was easy to convince the company to invest in the tool, according to Petra.

– I used a simple financial argument. We were previously ordering videos via an agency, and it didn't give us a lot of videos for the price that we were paying. For the same price, I am now able to create as many videos as I want in Storykit – throughout an entire year.

Thanks to the fact that she can now make her own videos, Petra is able to work much more efficiently.

– Although an agency previously did the job, it was a slow process. Most of the time I had to write the script myself and proofreading was always required. Now I can get the work done so much faster; I just get going and before I know it, I have created a video and sent it off to a colleague. It's absolutely incredible how quick and easy it is, and it always looks incredibly professional.


Learning the tool was also easy.

- It's just as user-friendly as I had imagined. I'm just about to teach a colleague as well and I know that she will enjoy making videos as much as I do. The customer support has been brilliant whenever I've come across a problem.

Obvious results

Petra is a movie-making machine these days.

– Yes, I make a lot of movies. About cases, white papers, and blog posts. I also create a lot of videos internally, including an employee survey presentation, and I also helped our CEO with a video for a Christmas event instead of just doing a PowerPoint.

Are you seeing any results from your videos?

– I publish 2-3 times a week on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts and I can see that it's widening our reach and it has improved our ability to communicate our messages.

Petra has also found that video is helpful when you want to lighten up certain complex topics.

– Our work can be perceived as pretty technically dense. Our texts tend to be quite specific and technical, but we can lighten it up by splitting it into a series of videos. That's why we have a lot of videos on our website.



Going forward, Petra wants to further increase the pace.

– There are areas I'm yet to explore with video and making videos is so much fun!

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