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7 stock images no one will use (...or will you??)

When searching for assets to give your video that little extra, you may stumble across images and clips that are... something extra. Here are 7 examples of stock images we don't need, but wish we could use!

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Finding the right image or video clip for your video sometimes require a little detective work. A good way to start is to search on a generic level and think about in which context your video's subject might appear. But even when using the most generic terms, the search results can surprise you. Here are 7 examples of stock images no one will probably use (but we would LOVE to!).

1. "Businessman"

This image with the name "Alone businessman hiding on desert island" leaves us with so many questions. How did he get there? Can we help? 


2. "Businessman" (part 2)

According to the stock library this image is "Ideal for any project that requires Businessman, Sea, Island". And we're not gonna argue with that. (And, we would also make sure to bring our briefcase to a deserted island if we ever ended up on one. And our laptop.)


3. "Woman with laptop"

When you want to do your online shopping without hearing your spouse complaining, this is the obvious way to handle the situation. Although... We can't help but wonder... what that little post-it is trying to tell us?


4. "Dentist" 

This image should come with a trigger warning! And it does, the image description says: "Crazy dentist during the procedure in the dental office."

We say: be afraid. Be very afraid.


5. "Cooking" 

– What's cookin', good lookin'?

– We're not sure – is that bread? Potatoes? Mushrooms? 


6. "Wine"

It's a bird... It's a plane... It's... a flying wine opener?


7. "Christmas" 

How we wish it was still December and we had a reason to use this image. 


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