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How text-driven video increases your video production pace

Many people still believe video is expensive and complicated. That it takes too much time and that they don’t have time for it. But this is thinking of video “the old” way. Video is actually one of the most efficient formats you can use. Let us explain how!

This article is an extract from our e-book "Tell every story with a video". Download and read the whole e-book here! 

Since Facebook created the silent feed in 2013, what video "is" has changed fundamentally. Now, in the 2020s, we are so used to silent videos that the script has simply become the most important aspect of video production. This means that video no longer needs footage, it can actually just consist of… text. "Writing" your videos is much more time-efficient than working with video files.

How? Here are 4 ways text-driven video will seriously increase your video production pace.

1. Your computer won't crash
You can work in the cloud, and you no longer need to handle large video files locally on your computer.

2. Less space needed
Archiving storyboards is easier and requires less space.

3. Use and reuse 
It’s easy to copy, reuse, and make changes to storyboards.

4. Brand control
All kinds of workflows and cooperation become easier when the work is done in the cloud and on storyboards.

Download and read the whole e-book "Tell every story with a video", here! 

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