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3 keys to creating video ads that convert

We all know the competition on social channels is brutal: if you're out of sight, you're out of mind. Creating good looking, converting ads can be quite tricky. Here are three keys that will give you a head start!

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The use of social media ads is crucial to many companies. This means that your customers' social media feeds will be filled with companies asking for email addresses or selling stuff. The competition will increase, which means that your advertising needs to be crystal clear.

But how? Here are three important things to keep in mind:

1. Time

Your ads need to be short, 5-10 seconds is standard. This means that you can’t tell a complex story about the product. Instead, you should show a small detail that will highlight your USP. Remember that you can also use copy and a CTA-button to say what you want people to do when they see your ad. You won't have to write it in the ad itself. 

2. Branding

Use your brand identity as much as possible. Colors, logos, and other attributes that identify you create a sense of safety for your audience.

–  Just using the company's colors can increase brand recognition by 80%, says Josefine Billström, Creative Strategist on Facebook.

In a test that Facebook did recently, the number of conversions  increased if the customer could identify the sender earlier in the ad.

3. Quantity

Can you even remember the time when you could do just one or two ads in six months and then sit back to reap your rewards? Social media is changing, audiences are moving fast and just as you need to mix formats, you need to do many ads and test to see what’s working.

According to a survey by SocialCode, the difference in results between advertisers' best and worst ads averaged 1100%. It was also seen that the fastest growing advertisers made 11 times more ads than the others.

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